Fleet Solutions

Best in Industry Services

InstallerNet provides service solutions for fleets that need to manage multiple locations and/or various makes and models of vehicles. Each professional member of the network is completely trained and certified on each product and is guaranteed to have the technical expertise to install it.

Project Management

InstallerNet provides 24/7 support for all its installers and each installation is backed by a three year warranty anywhere in the country in any type of vehicle. InstallerNet project managers will coordinate product configuration and fulfillment so that the right products are where and when their installers need them and work directly with fleet and site managers to ensure all aspects of the product installations work within the needs and requirements of your fleet.

Qualified Professionals

Installers within our network are fully trained and certified; each member has MECP certification and is part of MERA (Mobile Electronics Retailers Association). Training is provided through online webinars, email notifications, direct mailings and postings on the member center Facebook page. Each member has to pass an online test to be qualified as an installer on any new product supported in the InstallerNet network.

Fleet Expertise

When InstallerNet becomes your Installation solution we will learn everything we can about your product whether it is an AVL, Telematics, Security or Safety device. By knowing everything we can about your hardware we will be able to offer installation support to any of our Fleet installers during the installation.

We work directly with vehicle manufacturers to verify their suggestions for integration and test these to ensure seamless and proper installation. As such, InstallerNet was first to market with OBDII location and wiring information.